Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Independence Day (Late)!!

Well, this summer has been super busy! My husband and I bought a small business (seamless gutters, awnings, vinyl sidings, metal roofing) back at the beginning of spring and my summer has been spent working! (Yuck!) Also, I have too much school work. After this term though, I will only have one class left....SWEET!! My daughter is getting married October 6th so we have been quite busy planning her wedding as well. Hopefully, if I can get my dishes cleaned up from our Fourth of July celebration, I am going to sink a float in the pool for awhile!

Now, on to the Fourth of July topic. I have a grandfather that fought in WWII so Independence Day is rather special to me. I try to reflect on the men and women that have given their time in service over the years! However, I also try to think about the families that are doing without a loved one so that we can sit here and blog. Independence means more than freedom to me. It also means that freedom came with some sacrifice too. We celebrate Independence Day with our two daughters, other family members (our parents) and some friends grilling, swimming and making homemade ice cream. YUMMY! So, here's my questions to you:
1. Do you have a family member that gives/gave their time to the military?
2. What does Independence mean to you?
3. How do you celebrate Independence Day?

Post the answers on your blog. Make a link back to my blog. Then find 3 other bloggers to ask these questions!


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