Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Monster Mansion....
In order to motivate our students to read, we use the Accelerated Reading program. For the last two years I have themed my classroom in Monsters!! (I love Monster Mansion at Six Flags and wanted to bring it here). I made a Monster Mansion for AR points. Each student starts their monster in the basement. Every two weeks, we have a "Monster Moving Ceremony" to see if any of our monsters get to change rooms. We have a 5 point room, 10 point room, 25 point room, 50 point room, 100 point room, 150 point room, and 200 (and beyond) gets to party in the attic. This silly way of motivating students actually work! We clap and cheer for anyone monster being moved!


EHT said...

Hi....thanks for the comment at History Is Elementary. I love your colorful site. :) I'm putting you on my blogroll.

Mrs. Franks said...

Awww....thanks so much! I will add you as well!

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