Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Finals are Finished!

Whew! I can finally breathe (until the end of May anyway!). I took my finals tonight (via remote proctor). Ever done that? It is kinda weird having a webcam from a university with a bunch of technology people watching you take a test to ensure you are not cheating! Anyway, enough about that!

We only have a few weeks of school left and I cannot decide what to do with my math students. My friend and co-worker, Cathy Holley, sent me a "Monster Math" project that she does at Halloween but since my classroom is themed in monsters, I am thinking about trying that. Do you have any good ideas on what to do at the end of the school year or what to do for Mother's Day? Remember, I teach sixth grade so I have to be careful about what I pick to do. I will check back with you soon to see what advice you have for  me! Happy May and thanks for being patient with me while I was "away".


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