Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bittersweet Day at AHS

Well, today was really bittersweet. As I have already mentioned, this evening was our sixth grade graduation. I started teaching some of these kids last year in fifth grade and then moved on to sixth with them. It is amazing to see how the children have changed in such a short period of time. Last year, some of these kiddos came to me with little chubby faces, a goofy kid smile, and rather weird. They are leaving me this year as mature young men and ladies. The guys have experienced voice change and are taller than me. The young ladies have taken on their preteen bodies and are all boy crazy. Amazing. As I sat on the stage with my two co-workers watching each one of these precious babies  receive their diploma, I choked back tears but felt like one proud "mama." There are three students that I will really miss. They stole my heart without even trying....Sarai, Emily, and Tyler. I had never met Emily's mom until tonight. She speaks very little English but said to me,"You are a very good teacher. Emily loves you." That broke the dam....the tears fell and the burning lump formed in my throat. I tried to tell her that Emily was a very good girl and I was so proud of her and will miss her terribly. Emily translated and without hesitation, her mother grabbed me and hugged me like we were old friends. We both sobbed. I know all of my babies will do fine in high school but I will surely miss them! All of my love to the Class of 2018 at Appalachian School. Follow your educational journey wholeheartedly and remember, "You'll never know just how close your dreams are until you reach out to touch them!"

As I was leaving graduation, my precious husband sent me a text that said, "Can you call me?" As soon as I waded through all the parents, I called only to find out that my sweet Uncle Bobby had lost his battle with cancer and has travelled to that heavenly paradise to gain his wings. As a child, I spent MANY nights at his house. I love you with all my heart, Uncle Bobby. I miss you already.


Jess said...

Awww... Your story is very touching. I pray that I am just as great of teacher as you one day and do it wholeheartedly. My condolences to you and your family for the loss of your uncle. May God replace your sadness with peace in knowing he is now with our Father in Heaven.
P.S. I didn't realize until now that you teach at AHS. I am from Oneonta, and actually have two cousins graduating from there Thursday night. What a small world!!!


Mrs. Franks said...

Hey Jess,
I actually taught at Oneonta for the first three years of my teaching career. I live in Snead and graduated myself from Susan Moore back in the day. Yes, it is a small world!

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