Monday, February 13, 2012

A Misconception of Words

We have some of the greatest friends that have three children. The two girls are 19 & 16 years old and the son is only six years old. Being very kindhearted girls, they volunteered to keep their little brother while mom and dad went out for dinner and to buy groceries (sounds like a typical date night of a married couple, right?). The three were lying on the bed watching a movie and tickling each other like crazy! Each time one of the girls would tickle their little brother, he would make a very wrinkled face that appeared to be in some discomfort. One of the girls laughed and said, "Don't do that anymore you look constipated!" The innocent six year old burst out laughing, stopped and got dead serious and said, "Wait! That means ferocious, right?" LOL


Heather's Heart said...

That's funny! I was asking my Firsties one time what contractions were (as a review after we had been learning about them for a LONG time). One little girl said "They are the dirty words your momma says when she is having a baby!"

I was laughing so hard nothing came out! =)

Heather's Heart

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