Saturday, February 11, 2012

Local New Personality Visits Our Sixth Graders

At my school, AHS, there are three sixth grade units. We each teach our students language arts in the mornings. At mid-day we go to lunch and when we come back, I teach math for the remainder of the day to all three sixth grade classes (in rotation of course! Not all at once). In trying to make the school day less humdrum for our students, I contacted a local weatherman and asked him to come visit our students. I thought they would love it!
The first question he asked was, "Who is interested in meteorology?" ONE student raised her hand. However, as we went through the presentation, it got more interesting for the students. He spoke about the recent tornado outbreak in Alabama....April 27th....was the worst in national history according to the information we heard during his presentation! I will post more about this later!


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